Prague 30. 9. – 2. 10. 2016

Organizers: International Playing-Card Society (IPCS)

                      Club of Playing Cards Collectors (CSHK)

The International Playing-Card Society was founded in 1972 to bring together people, in a variety of countries, who have a common interest in the collecting of playing cards and card games, with the object of sharing research and knowledge. The Society has members in many countries around the world and has inspired the establishment of local societies, which it works closely with, including staging "joint Conventions" in that country.

Club of Playing Cards Collectors has been working in Czech Republic since 2011. It has hold many successful exhibition projects and publications, whose importance transcends national boundaries. Club closely collaborates with Czech and Moravian museums and next scientific institutions.

    Convention sites: Conference hall of National technical museum (NTM), Prague 7,        Kostelni 1320/42

                                      Parkhotel Prague, Prague 7, Veletrzni 20.

    Partners of project:


National technical museum

Central Bohemian museum in Roztoky

Scarabeus gallery

YMCA palace

Hrací karty s.r.o. - the leading card manufacturer in Czech Republic

ABone, s.r.o. – card manufacturer

   KOOPERATIVA pojišťovna a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

   Specialized collector auction house Sbiram.cz


Aukro - Collectors server

Hobbby Trend, specialized magazine for collectors

Mediatrainig.cz - medial partner

 Preliminary program:

30. 9.

10 – 15:30         Reception and registration

16 -  17              Opening ceremony, NTM
17 – 19               The first part of exhibition tour “The pearls of cards craft”-  NTM collections +

                            museum staff report

20 – 23              Trading session, Parkhotel


1. 10.

9:30 – 11:30     Tour of the exhibition Prague Trappola, Scarabeus gallery

13 – 15:30         Talks,  NTM auditorium

15:30  - 17:30   Games session, NTM

16 – 19              Trading session, Parkhotel

20 – 23               Convention Dinner, Parkhotel

2. 10.

10 – 11:30    Annual General Meeting of IPCS, NTM
13 - 18          The second part of exhibition tour  “The pearls of cards craft”,

                       Central Bohemian Museum  Roztoky


The end


Supporting publications:

Catalogue of the exhibition "The pearls of card craft"  (incl. English abstract)

Materials of the Convention in English and Czech


Supporting actions:


1)The pearls of card craft exhibition

 Playing cards of Czech institutions collections

 Playing cards and history of their production – NTM collection

 Playing cards of CSHK collectors


Place: Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky

            National technical museum (Praha 7, Kostelní 1320/42)

Authors of the exhibition:

- BcA. Michaela Caranová, Central  Bohemian Museum Roztoky

- Mgr. Jana Kunešová,  National museum  

- RNDr. Ivana Lorencová, National technical museum

- Club of Playing Cards Collectors

Participating institutions:

- Institute of Archeology

- National archive Prague

- National library Prague

- National museum

- National technical library

- Prague castle archive

- Prague City museum

- Silesian museum Opava

- Scientist library Olomouc

- State district archive Tachov

- Strahov Library

       - West Bohemian museum Plzeň


2) Prague Trappola

Samples of Prague pattern trappola  cards, development of their imagine and the importance of game for  National Renaissance (cards of CSHK collectors)

Place: Scarabeus gallery (Praha 7, Jana Zajíce 7)

Author of the exhibition: Petr Bílý 


3) The arts on playing cards (The CSHK long term exhibition out of Convention program)

Cards and cards games as a source of arts inspiration.

Place: YMCA  gallery (Praha 1, Na Poříčí 12)

Author of the exhibition: Petr Bílý